Kanena Acrylic Photo Frames Magnet Picture Frame Holds 5 X 7 Inches Pictures,10mm+10mm Thickness Transparent - SRIAK549

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  • EASY TO USE--It can be used as a single or double sided picture frames. Extremely easy to clean and update with new pictures.

  • GREAT DESIGN--Four magnets hold contents securely, double photo frames can be used on bedroom or office desktop, display the wonderful memory of yours.

  • GOOD QUALITY--Two 10mm blocks of acrylic glass hold the photo together, and attached by 4 magnets around the corner make up a pretty photo frame.

  • DOUBLE SIDED DISPLAY--The clear acrylic photo frame with double sided see through frames allow you to view from both sides;Easy to clean and easy to update with new photograph.

  • BEST WISHES--Record and freeze all your wonderful & memorable moment on this acrylic frame forever.Displaying the precious memory in your house,office or anywhere you want. It is also the perfect gift to your parent & friends & lover for Thanksgiving,Christmas and New year.

  • Production Details

    1. Brand:  Kanena

    2. Item Size:4×6 inch; 5×7 inch; 6×8 inch;

    3. Item Weight: 0.8lb; 1.4lb; 1.9 lb;

    4. Item Color: Clear

    5. Package Include: A Piece of acrylic photo frame

    Production Description

    1.Super Clear: Acrylic is clear and also has a light transmittance of 95%.

    2.Double Sided: Great for surfaces that expose both sides including coffee tables and kitchen islands.

    3.Four Magnets: Some magnetic picture frames have only two magnets.But my product  have four magnets, better securing your contents.

    4.Easy to Change:The clear picture frame is made of two thick panels of super clear acrylic which are held together by four strong magnets.Photos are sandwiched securely between the panels and are easy to change. Two back-to-back pictures can be viewed from both sides.

    5.Portrait or Landscape: Using your camera phone vertically and horizontally? No problem, this frame does it both ways. It is a very popular tabletop display and can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation.

    6.Best Gift:Transparent acrylic photo frame provides a quick and easy way to display and share your memories,each one adds a modern and stylish touch to your home or office.They will make an excellent gift for parents, grandparents, children or any special person in your life!

    Customer Service and Warranty

    1.Care: Use a water based cleaner. Do not use ammonia based cleaners, they cause acrylic to display many shades of grey.

    2.Any quality problem for product or unhappy shopping experiences, please do not hesitated to contact us, we will try our best to satisfied you. Your great support and interest are Our biggest motivation for innovating & improving our service.

    Kanena Acrylic Photo Frames Magnet Picture Frame Holds 5 X 7 Inches Pictures,10mm+10mm Thickness Transparent - SRIAK549

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